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About NFCA

We are the Newton Farm Community Association, an independent charity based in South Wye, Hereford. Our staff and volunteers are passionate about making a real difference to the lives of everyone living in the surrounding area. We set up in 1999 and have become a well-respected charity. Below is just a small example of what we do:

  • We bring people together to build a strong community. To do this we build and support community groups to create new and exciting social activities. This improves social inclusion and reduces social isolation and exclusion.

  • We provide information, guidance, and signposting on a range of issues to everyone who walks through our door and provide opportunities for personal development. To do this we embrace partnership working across different sectors and provide internet access for important issues. This service helps empower people.

  • We offer affordable goods to everyone. To do this we operate a charity shop run on a voluntary basis. This means that we are building a sustainable future for both the charity and the environment.

We are open from Monday to Friday, from 9am until 4pm. We are closed on weekends and bank holidays.